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In addition to being founder & lead consultant of IHI Consulting Firm, Dr. Ruth better known as the "leaders' leader" is a prolific author, licensed executive leadership coach,degreed counselor, & dynamic motivational speaker.

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The most recent Podcast and Blog posts from Dr. Ruth. Discover God, who you are, your purpose, and how to walk out that purpose in today's world, through TKL Multi- Media's #tRuth Corner. "I vow to tell the tRuth!"


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“Wow, thank you for listening to me, to us… I didn’t think that anyone cared!”

Retired Pastors

Retired Pastors

"After retirement Dr.Ruth helped me start a new chapter in life and set up my coaching practice...she's this coach's, coach!"

Coaching Consultant

“Ruth Charles is a very professional person in all aspects of her job…she presents

great quality in what she does.”

President of a Business Association

Dr. Ruth Charles & In His Image Consulting Firm

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