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In addition to being founder & lead consultant of IHI Consulting Firm, Dr. Ruth, better known as the "leaders' leader" is a prolific author, licensed executive leadership coach, degreed counselor, & dynamic motivational speaker.

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People Love Us

“I thought successful marriage and families were only fairytales and that you could not have a good homelife and career. I thought that you would have to have one or the other. But after working with Dr. Ruth and going through her intense training and coaching, I found out that having public and private success was possible and I am experiencing that in my life NOW! Thank Dr.#tRuth ”

“We both came from broken homes and believed that sooner or later we too would be divorced and our children would be forced to choose whose house they'd spend Christmas vacation. But after working with Dr.Ruth, she showed us how to be curse breakers break those negative family, so that we could live out our own legendary legacy.”

“I grew up watching my mom suffer in silence. She was so beautiful, gifted, and talented but my father's religious beliefs as a denominational Pastor caused him to suppress my mother's voice and ultimately destroyed their marriage and her life. I was headed down the same road with my wife until she convinced me to enroll in Dr. Ruth's coaching program and now I see my wife as my invaluable partner and best friend!”




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